Personal Profile


Karen Talbot is the Proprietor of Virtual Business Support, a Virtual Assistant business which was established in April 2009.

The business was launched shortly after Karen and her family emigrated from the UK to the fantastic Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia with her husband Gary and two children, Emilia aged 12 and James aged 7.  The move came after many years of soul searching, dreaming and planning for a new and exciting life down under.

Initially, Karen's time was spent finding and settling her children into a new school, finding somewhere to live, making new friends and finding a job which would tied her over until her family were settled in their new country. 

Karen's background is in administration and has over 20 years experience within the private and public sectors in a diverse number of administrative and secretarial roles.  Along with Level 3 in Business & Administration and Level 4 in Management from Oxford, Cambridge & RSA examination board, she has continued to study and most recently has been awarded a Level 5 Diploma in Management from the Chartered Management Institute.  A comprehensive list of Karen's qualifications is shown on the About Us page.  She was instrumental in the setting up and managing of her husband's successful plumbing business for over 4 years prior to emigrating and Karen had the ambition to set up and manage her own business which she could grow and reap the rewards as opposed to being the support network of other entrepeneurs.  "Being a Personal Assistant for many years for Senior Director's and an Office Manager for a number of small businesses, I supported the Senior Manager in their roles and this often resulted in their promotion or their business growing.  Being behind the scenes constantly was frustrating".

Karen thrives on new challenges and being constantly busy, therefore once her family were settled in their new country, the routine of a normal job quickly became unfulfilling and thoughts returned to setting up her own business again.  "I wanted to start a business which utilised my skills, qualifications and experience and having heard of the concept of a Virtual Assistant in the UK, I starting researching the subject.  As I learnt about the concept, I felt the business model was absolutely ideal and couldn't wait to get started".

"Having always focused on my professional development, and constantly learning new skills, I felt confident that I could provide many clients with a wide range of administrative services and if there were any requests outside of my area of expertise, I could call on the many other Virtual Assistants that I have become to know and trust to provide the same level of professionalism and high standard of service to my clients". 

"The Virtual Assistant industry is unique, as although each VA may operate their own business, they do not class themselves as competitors, moreover, we are all part of a team which assist each other to promote the concept of Virtual Assisting to businesses.  We may refer business to other VA's as our Client's may have such a diverse list of administrative tasks which they need to delegate and as each VA offers a niche service, one in which they are highly qualified and experienced in, this allows us to call upon the services of our 'colleagues'.